Custom Renovations

We didn’t get into the construction business just because we saw a way to make money. We got into it because we love it. We’re passionate about what we do and that comes across in each and every project we take on, regardless of the size or budget.

It has to be said that some of our favorite projects are renovations. We love the challenge of taking an existing home and making the changes that our clients envision while having care and respect for the way the home was originally built as well as for the surrounding neighborhood.

Remodels give us the opportunity and, really, the need, to be more creative than ever. And, one of the biggest side-benefits of a renovation is that it is the greenest thing you can do. You are basically reusing and recycling rather than buying new.

Renovation projects, in some ways, take even more communication between us and our clients than new constructions. You have a vision of the end product that you want to see. But to be truly happy with the end result, it’s important that the new kitchen, bathroom, study… whatever the addition or change… fit seamlessly within the existing structure of your home in a way that makes your home better than it was.

You’ll also want a good fit within your neighborhood as well. Communities, as well as the buildings within them, have a life of their own after a while. When your renovation fits well within the structure of the house itself as well as the community, it becomes a holistic project and one which adds to the feeling of wellbeing and of home.

There’s something really satisfying about taking the investment that you’ve made and seeing it enhanced, improving your quality of life at the same time. Here at Epiphany, we welcome the opportunity to help you do just that.

Matt Hill, the owner and founder of Epiphany Developments, has lived and worked in Denver his entire life. He has intimate knowledge of the various types of constructions here and of the communities in and around the city. This experience puts him in the perfect position to advise you on how to best integrate the changes you want with the place that you call home.