Custom Homes

Matt Hill, owner and founder of Epiphany Denver, has built well over 3000 homes that have ranged from entry level first homes to high end constructions worth over $1 million. They have been in every style imaginable. But one thing is consistent… no matter what the value or design, Epiphany brings the same high level of quality and care to the project.

The first step will be to meet with you and really listen to your vision of the type of home you want to create. The company will then advise you as to the best way to make that vision a reality, taking a number of things into consideration.

Of course, the most important thing is the style of home you wish to live in. Available materials, the feel of the neighborhood you live in, the particular property you own as well as your budget will also need to be taken into account so that the finished product matches or exceeds your expectations.

Just looking for a company to handle the construction according to already completed blueprints? No problem. Want to do some of the work yourself? Absolutely! Need a company that can help you from architectural plans all the way through interior design as well? Epiphany can do that as well.

Epiphany Developments has created a network of professionals that are top in their fields so you can have the support not just of an experienced construction firm but also of award-winning architects and designers. The result is a finished project in which all elements work seamlessly together. And, with a team that is comfortable working together in an atmosphere of mutual respect, you end up with a far less stressful experience.

A proactive approach is one of the key things that Epiphany brings to the table. Any problems or mistakes that do come up are brought up and dealt with as they occur. In this way, you will be saved from potentially expensive rework down the line.

The reality is, no matter how well you plan, problems can come up or mistakes can happen. You run into something on your property that you weren’t expecting. Materials that you planned on using are suddenly not available. Whatever the issue, an immediate solution will be sought that works within the overall design of your home.

We are serious about what we do and this intention is brought into the building of each and every home. Our approach is a modern one… rather than the old stereotypical contractor screaming and throwing things against the wall, Epiphany approaches every facet of the project in a professional and calm manner.