Custom Home Design

Have you got an idea of what you want, either a new home or a renovation, but haven’t found the right team to make it happen yet? Epiphany can help you with your construction project, from start to finish.

We aren’t architects and we aren’t designers. We focus on what we do best… construction. However, all of these pieces must fit together in order for the finished product to match your vision. Therefore, we have established a network of top professionals in other fields such as architecture and interior design.

We work with companies that have won awards for being outstanding in their areas. Working together as a team, we ensure that your end product is delivered in a seamless way. We are accustomed to working together and we do so in an atmosphere of mutual respect for each other’s expertise. Not only does this allow all the pieces to fit together perfectly, it also creates a much less stressful experience for you, the client.

This concept of working together as partners is an important one. Although we may be the one bringing the other professionals to the table, they are not working for us, they’re working for you. After listening to your ideas and goals, they will come up with a plan that works for your personal style as well as your budget. The plan will cater to you, not to Epiphany.

Because of this, one piece of the puzzle will not suffer because of another. You’ll get the best that each of us has to offer, with no sacrifices being made to benefit one aspect at the expense of another.

We recognize that each of our clients is an individual. While we utilize the experience gained from years of working in the our fields, we will never make the mistake of treating one client just like another, regardless of the similarity there may be between projects. Each project is unique, just like the client, and it is the job of the team to ensure that that individuality is creatively and appropriately expressed.