The Epiphany Developments Difference

Any construction company can promise to use the best materials (although not all do). But the best product is more than the quality of the materials or even the skill with which they are used. The best product also has to meet the needs and desires of the customer.

Being able to listen well is, quite simply, not an ability that everyone has. Hearing and understanding are not the same thing. Do you want someone who is going to do exactly what you ask them to? Actually, you don’t.

What you want is someone who is going to listen to what you want and use his expertise and experience to advise you how to best manifest your dream home… whether it is a remodel or new construction.

Part of what you want to hire is someone who can hear what you’re looking to achieve, understand what the end product is that you are anticipating and help you to tailor the work so that you achieve your goals in the best possible way.

Plenty of people will just agree with you and build exactly what you ask for. Then there are others who will fight you every step of the way and just insist on doing things “as they know best”. Epiphany Developments will work with you to understand what you really want and how that can be achieved, taking the reality of your home, your neighborhood, your budget and your tastes all into account.

Depending on the scope of the project, Epiphany Developments can coordinate with other award-winning experts in their fields such as architects and interior designers to deliver a seamless result… not to mention reduce your headaches!

Once the project and estimate are agreed upon, you’ll be given a detailed schedule as well as project specifications. Specifications will be updated as necessary and you will get schedule updates on a regular basis… often daily. Every effort will be made to keep to the original schedule… allowing you to plan your life accordingly. We realize that not having your home can be extremely unsettling.

At Epiphany, our goal is to help people see their visions become reality, to improve their investments and to enhance community development through sound and attractive construction. We do this by creating a working relationship of trust and commitment, as you can see from our satisfied customer testimonials.