Q&A with Epiphany Developments

1. Are you licensed in the jurisdiction that my project is located?  Is your license in good standing and has it ever been revoked?

Epiphany is licensed as a Class B or Class C General Contractor in most major jurisdictions in the Denver Metro Area.  If we are not, it is based solely on not doing any work in that area for more than a year.  We are able to obtain a license in any jurisdiction.

Our license has never been revoked for any reason in any jurisdiction.

2. Are you a member of any trade organizations?  If so, how long and which ones?

Epiphany is an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau and we maintain an A rating with them.  We are also a member of the Denver chapter of the HBA.

3. Do you carry liability and workers compensation insurance?  If you use sub-contractors, how do you ensure that they are insured and that the insurance is current?

Epiphany carries a minimum of $2M in liability insurance and worker’s compensation for all of its employees.  Our liability coverage is double the industry standard.  We also require all sub-contractors to sign a master contract which stipulates their insurance coverage.  We closely monitor their coverage, and any lapse in coverage will result in a sub-contractor being removed from any and all jobs that they are working on for Epiphany.

4. Do you have a contract that protects me and your company?  Is that contract inclusive and professional or does it appear that it was purchased at an office supply store?

Epiphany uses a contract that was intentionally written to cover the client and Epiphany’s concerns equitably.  Our contract was specifically written for Epiphany by a practicing attorney that specializes in contract/corporate law.  You will not find anything that is canned when you work with Epiphany, including our professional and inclusive contract.

5. Do you have references readily available, including credit and industry references?

Epiphany will provide customer and industry references upon request, please get in touch now.  We feel that it is important to give you both types so that you can see how we interact with clients and suppliers.  A contractor that pays their bills late or that is not recommended by suppliers may not be the kind of person you may want to work with.

6. Will you discuss the proposed remodel’s impact to my resale value and the other properties in my neighborhood?

Epiphany’s real estate entity will perform a competitive market analysis on your property to help you see the impact your project will have on your re-sale value and also to see how you will compare with the rest of the neighborhood.  The question that is important is, will your project be appropriate for your neighborhood and how much of your investment might you recover if and when you sell.

7. Do you offer a warranty?  If so, how long and what does it cover and what is not covered?

Epiphany offers a 1-year warranty on all products and workmanship with your project.  There will be some products within your project that may have manufacture warranties that exceed that 1-year.  The only thing that is not warranted is personal property, often times it is impossible to put a value on your family’s possessions, and therefore we do not cover those in the event that a failure results in damage to those.

8. What do you require for a down payment?  Is it more than 33% of the overall project costs?  How often do you require payments?

Epiphany requires a 25% deposit on all projects.  Our progress payments will never be more frequent than monthly and those will only be for items that you and the project manager agree upon as being completed.

9. Do you have a supervisor that will be responsible for the project?  How often will they be on-site every day?  How will the supervisor communicate with me?

Epiphany will have 1 or more project managers dedicated to your project.  They will be on-site at least once a day, but often times they are there 2 and 3 times a day.  You will be in constant contact with them by phone, email, text, etc. (whichever you prefer).  You will also be able to contact anyone in the company at any time.  We are here to make sure that you are happy and that your needs and concerns are being addressed.

10. How do you handle mistakes on the project?  What guarantees have they made regarding mistakes during the course of the project?

Construction is one of the last hand made products in the world. Epiphany knows there will be mistakes.  We guarantee that we will address and remedy any and all mistakes.  We will never hide our mistakes and we are confident that this will bolster your trust in us.

11. Will you give a general timeline for all phases of the project (design, permitting, construction, etc.)?

Yes, Epiphany will provide you with a detailed project schedule.  We will keep you informed of its status almost every day.  Our schedules are very reliable and we do everything in our power to make sure that we make our completion dates as long as our quality will not be compromised.

12. How many total projects have you completed in the last 12 months?

Epiphany has completed over 60 projects in the last 12 months.  These include, but are not limited to; small cabinet installations, handyman work, kitchens, bathrooms, finished basements, structural repairs, additions, pop-tops, window replacements, energy efficiency upgrades and more. See our top tips on sustainable building and remodeling here.

13. Will you provide me with a thorough list (in writing) of the inclusions and exclusions for the project?

Epiphany provides a detailed list of project specifications for every client.  This is a living document that will be updated and changed as the project continues.  You will always know what you are getting.  Our specifications are broken down into very specific categories that include every detail from model numbers, to the number of lights and their type, to the type of work to be performed and much, much more.

14. Will you provide an estimate that has been broken down into the small subcategories that will make up the overall project?

Epiphany provides you with a very detailed estimate.  Our estimates are broken out into each discipline that will be involved in your project.  You will be able to make the most informed decision possible given the information that we provide to you.  In addition, it allows you and us to come to the best scenario for you, your home and your family.

15. Will you require me to provide any of the materials, labor or other aspects of the project?

Epiphany is a full service, all-inclusive design/build general contractor.  We provide you with everything necessary to complete your project in its entirety.  If you decide as such, you will never be responsible to go buy product, find a sub-contractor or run to Home Depot to pick up a light or a faucet.  However, we are not too proud if you want to paint yourself or do anything that suits your needs and your lifestyle.

16. Will you provide me with a detailed plan created with professional drafting software (AutoCAD, Chief Architect, SoftPlan)?

The design team at Epiphany is one of the most talented in the business.  All design work is generated from professional design software.  Our designs are to scale and dimensioned based on the subject space.  At the end of the day, the design you fall in love with will work in your home and can be built as designed.  We listen to you, and design accordingly, we do not let our own style get in the way of what you like and what you need.

17. Will you offer me several options to finish your project?  Do you have an all or none mentality?  Will you let me put in my own sweat equity?  Will you let me provide any aspect of the project?

Epiphany will offer you options.  We know that there are many ways to get to the finish line and we don’t want to rule out any option that may get us there together.  Our clients are welcome to do as much of the work themselves that they want.  We will help you and guide you through the process.  Our flexibility makes us very unique and we hope that you see that we want to open every door to make working with us the only option.

18. How much of your business is derived from repeat/referral business?

At Epiphany, over 50% of our business is a result of referrals and repeat customers.  We are very proud of the fact that our customers become part of our business family and that they are comfortable enough to stake their reputation on our ability to deliver to their friends, peers and family.

19. Do you offer flexible pricing options? (lump sum, cost plus, etc.)

Epiphany is very excited to offer you alternatives to the typical pricing structure.  We understand what most people are used to seeing, however we are able to offer other mechanisms that will allow us to leverage our expertise in order to provide you with the highest value possible.  We are able to pass on savings to you when we find them and protect your interests in a very unique manner.

20. Do you tend to show me what I need or ask me what I want? Do you truly listen to your customers?

We can assure you that we will ask a lot of questions, and some of them will leave you wondering what we are after.  However, we do this in order to best understand your needs and to impart our knowledge and experience to give you the best results.  Did we listen?  That is up to you, but we pride ourselves on being able to get to the root of your needs and your desires.  We approach every client with patience and open ears.  We hope that you feel comfortable with us, and we hope that at the end of the day you feel like we listened to your every word.