About Epiphany Developments

Matt Hill is the Owner and Founder of Epiphany Developments, LLC. He has lived and worked in Denver virtually his entire life, since moving here at 3 months of age with his family. He attended the University of Denver and has a degree in Construction Management from the Burns School of Real Estate and Construction Management.

His career includes 11 years with a national builder, many custom homes and many more custom remodels over the last 3 years with Epiphany. He has built well over 3000 homes that range from full custom homes to entry level single family residences with price ranges from $200,000 on up to and in excess of $1,000,000. He has managed revenues in excess of $400 million annually and over 400 homes annually.

Matt has been recognized by many organizations and peers for his excellence in project management, customer service and quality workmanship. He is married to Kristin and together they have 3 young children. His oldest son is Jackson, his daughter is Mackinley and his youngest son is Bridger. In his spare time he loves to spend time with his family outside, whether it is skiing, fly fishing, water skiing, hiking or mountain biking, they love to spend time in the mountains of Colorado.

The mission of Epiphany Developments is to enhance communities and families through sound custom home construction services and real estate investment. Matt and his team are passionate about their work and approach each and every project with a type of relaxed intensity. They want to ensure that you get the best work possible and have the satisfaction of seeing your dreams become reality.

The company is licensed in most major jurisdictions within the Denver Metro Area and can obtain a license in any that they do not already hold one. They have never had a license revoked for any reason in any jurisdiction. Read more about our licenses, trade organizations, insurance, and other frequently asked questions here.